There are a lot of different types of pools to consider, but a concrete swimming pool can last a lifetime if properly maintained. The durability of a concrete pool is tried and true, plus concrete pools are well suited to parts of the country with high summer temperatures, like Myrtle Beach, SC.

Some pool surfaces are slick and this can lead to accidents. The texture of concrete helps to prevent falls. With a completely customized concrete pool built by Arnold’s Pools, your design choices and extraordinary features are endless. Upgraded features such as fiber optic lighting, coping, luxury pool finishes, heating, grottos, waterfalls, in-floor cleaning systems, and tanning ledges can be easily integrated into your custom design. Swimming pool and spa construction is our passion. We know that your inground pool will be a reflection of your lifestyle needs. Whether it's bringing the family closer together, relaxing after a long work day at the office or entertaining family and friends; we are your number one choice for swimming pool contractors in Myrtle Beach.

Inground Swimming Pools

Having an inground swimming pool is an amazing experience. Not everybody has one, but almost every one would love to have their own custom concrete swimming pool! Above-ground pools are usually only four feet deep! Inground swimming pools give you the option of adding depth, which opens up an entire world of aquatic entertainment like fun water-slides for the kids, a diving board for teen aerobatics or even an enchanting waterfall with custom LED lighting. Nothing compares to designing your own inground swimming pool.

Commercial Swimming Pool Construction

Arnold's Pools will assist with planning and designing any commercially operated swimming pool or spa. As one of the premier swimming pool contractors in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we develop close working relationships with all personnel including architects, general contractors, project managers and engineers to ensure that your commercial inground pool construction job is done right and completed on time.

Commercial Pool Contractors Supply

Whether you are a large Myrtle Beach resort or an individual homeowner, Arnold's Pools is a commercial pool contractors supply house that can fill your small or large order. When you need commercial pool supplies, you need Arnold's Pools of Myrtle Beach, SC! We service swimming pools in Horry County and the surrounding areas. Give us a call!

Pool Repair SC

Are you looking for a Myrtle Beach pool contractor who can correct and repair structural cracks, replaster your existing pool or update your old pool equipment? With over 40 years in the business, Arnold's Pools has the expertise and experience you need to repair and renovate your concrete pool. We service swimming pools in Horry County and the surrounding areas. Give us a call!

Which is Better, a Fiberglass or Concrete Swimming Pool?

There are so many types of pools to choose from: above ground pools, fiberglass pools, vinyl-lined pools and concrete swimming pools. What’s the difference? Which is better, a fiberglass or concrete swimming pool? Why choose a concrete swimming pool? Fiberglass pools offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, but customizing or adding special features to a fiberglass pool can be extremely difficult. You have to ask yourself, will a pre-fabricated swimming pool be able to take complete advantage of the yard space you have available and will it conform to the unique contours of your land? Will you be able to add all of the special features you have been dreaming about? Will you have to settle for less? With a custom in-ground swimming pool built by Arnold's Pools, your design choices are unlimited!

How Much Does an Inground Swimming Pool Cost?

It's a difficult question to answer. There are a lot of factors that go into the average cost of an inground swimming pool including the site conditions, size of the pool, pool features and swimming pool design choices. Contact us for a direct quote!