Which is Better, a Fiberglass or Concrete Swimming Pool ?

If you are researching inground swimming pools, you have probably asked yourself, "Which is better, a fiberglass or concrete swimming pool?" It's a great question and there are probably a lot of people who could give great reasons on both sides of the discussion.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are made from a plastic that is reinforced with fiberglass and then molded into shape. These factory built pools arrive completely ready to go in the ground once the hole is excavated. A fiberglass pool can be plumbed, leveled and completely installed within a couple of days. Prefab swimming pools are durable and fairly low-maintenance.

Some common problems associated with in-ground fiberglass pools are spider cracks in the gel coating, fading of the colored finish, bulging areas and plumbing settling due to the backfill material. Spider cracks are usually not structural, but are actually hairline cracks that actually occur in the gel coat.

Although fiberglass pools come in many shapes and sizes, you will be limited by the designs available. Customizing or adding special features to a fiberglass pool is extremely difficult.

Another consideration is that a pre-fab fiberglass swimming pool just 'feels' different. It's comparable to the feel of a lynolium floor compared to a floor that has been hand-tiled.

Concrete Swimming Pools

At Arnold's Pools of Myrtle Beach, SC, we only build custom concrete swimming pools. Concrete is tried and true. Because of its strength and durability, concrete is used more than any other man-made material in the world. Rugged enough to pave more than 55,000 miles of US highways; yet versatile enough to build the spectacular private oasis you've been dreaming about!

Which is better, a fiberglass or concrete swimming pool? Simply put, concrete swimming pools offer more flexibility. Arnold’s Pools will work with you to create a custom pool for your Myrtle Beach area home that takes full advantage of the yard space available and the unique contours of your land.

Arnold's Pools will build your custom pool with highly formidable, reinforced concrete. Strong in compression, strong in tension. Our swimming pools are built to last. We believe there is no better way.

With a completely customized concrete pool, your design choices are endless and extraordinary features like fiber optic lighting, coping, luxury pool finishes, heating, grottos, water falls and tanning ledges can easily be added to your custom pool design.

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